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alrighty, well i've been in the naruto fandom for like 7/8 years now, but i'm still not sure about my ships. I'm 100% NaruHina and ShikaTema, but i haven't really decided if i should ship Sasuke with anyone. Personally, SasuSui is my favorite but it doesn't have a chance at a canon. I'm torn between SasuKarin and SasuSaku. I want you to give me a reason (or 20) to ship SasuSaku, since you ship it a lot. Thanks


Ok 20 reasons to go for SS?

  1. Sakura is the only female who truly loves him (besides his mother of course)
  2. Sasuke and Sakura have a strong bond
  3. Sasuke has said Sakura is precious to him
  4. Sakura’s love benefits him
  5. Sakura is the only female to ever get close to him
  6. They have the most amount of romantic scenes out of all the Naruto pairings
  7. I believe without a doubt the only female that will end up with Sasuke is Sakura
  8. Sakura has had feelings for him since she was like 6 before any of the other girls and before she knew he was popular
  9. She actually loves him, meaning she loves and accepts him for who he is and not what he looks like
  10. Sakura is the only female he doesn’t mind physical contact with
  11. Sasuke has tried to kill her (and everyone else) and her love for him has not faltered
  12. Her dream is Sasuke, including saving him from the darkness
  13. Sasuke and Sakura has had alot of development, she’s the only female he’s had development with and still continues to develop more
  14. Sasuke has been shown to get what looks like jealous when Naruto saves Sakura
  15. The only female he has ever stared into their eyes is Sakura (that may not be a big thing for some people but for Sasuke it is considering he hasn’t ever did that with anyone)
  16. The one who filled his lonely existence with an emotion called love is Sakura
  17. Sasuke cares a great deal about her and could possibly feel more for her
  18. Sakura has loved him for 685 chapters, there is a reason for this
  19. They have chemistry that is off the charts
  20. They have been shown to read each other, such as Sasuke being able to tell in a second that she was feeling down while no one else could and then he cheered her up and Sakura has been able to read him such as the night he left the village, she knew he was leaving the village because she had this feeling in her heart while Naruto again had no clue.

They’re meant for each other <3

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    Epilogue ~ When the Day After Tomorrow Becomes the Next Day After Tomorrow

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5. エピローグ~あさってがしあさってになる時~
5. Epiroogu ~ Asatte ga Shiasatte ni Naru Toki ~

5. Epilogue ~ When the Day After Tomorrow Becomes the Next Day After Tomorrow

Kagome: In the end, Inuyasha and I were tasked with restoring his father’s remains back to normal.
Inuyasha: Agh, dammit, even if we build this forever, we’ll never be done!
Kagome: It’s all right, Inuyasha. We could be collecting shards of the Shikon no Tama. Compared to that, this is easy.
Inuyasha: What’s up, Kagome? You seem to be having a lot of fun. Did something good happen?
Kagome: Hm. Actually, I recorded Onii-san’s tongue-twister with a voice recorder!
Inuyasha: V.. voi… vo… What’s that?
Kagome: Hm, I’ll explain later. But I can play back his words at super-slow speed.
Inuyasha: Oh, oh, let me listen, too!
Kagome: Yeah? Okay, here goes.
Sesshoumaru: Rin, have you grown accustomed to life in the village?
No one is bullying you or anything?
Did you make a kimono out of the cloth I gave you the other day?
When you are troubled, or anxious, or sad, or any other time, feel free to call on me.
I will come to you immediately.
Even if we are far apart, if you call my name I will absolutely come flying to you.
If you cannot speak, you can whistle. Whistle through your fingers, if you like.
Distance is no object. Our hearts are tied together.
With the power of trust, there is nothing to fear.
Simply having that feeling should be enough to fill your heart.
That is why it is fine for things to remain as they are for now.
We have plenty of time.
You can examine your heart at your own pace.
Until then, take care of yourself.
Kagome: The power of trust, huh? No matter the words, that’s what’s most important, right?
Kagome: So, wasn’t that nice, Inuyasha?
Inuyasha: … Keh! That right there wasn’t a tongue-twister, though!
Kagome: You’re right. It was more like a proposal.
Inuyasha: Kuro Bouzu?! So that’s the Kuro Bouzu?! SANKON TESSOU!
Kagome: UWAAH! What did you just do?! You broke it, you idiot!
Inuyasha: Eeegh! I was… just slaying the Kuro Bouzu!
Kagome: Right, right, the “Kuro Bouzu”, the “Kuro Bouzu”. That’s what started this whole thing, right?!
Inuyasha: Ow, ow, ow, don’t pull on my ears, Kagome!
Kagome: Now lay your head in my lap!
Inuyasha: Cut it out…
Kagome: Okay, guchaguchagucha!
Inuyasha: Ahhaaa!
Kagome: And then the other side, guchaguchagucha!
Inuyasha: It tickles… You’re tickling me!
Kagome: And now I’ve pulled out all that accumulated earwax! So listen closely, Inuyasha.
Inuyasha: Wh… why?
Kagome: O… su… wa… ri.
Inuyasha: GYAAAH!

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